My goodness, such a guilty look

upon your face, it’s like an open book.

What did you do that was ever so bad

You shouldn’t have done it, no matter how mad.

If you rate it 10 to 1, was it worth it?

Was it even really fun?

You should feel guilty, since you did have a choice.

Even though you talk to me in a really strange voice.




around the square

short stops on the road of life.


around the square

long stops without any strife.

prom in paper


Seeds Scattered




Onto hostile soil

Breaking down resistance

Creating a perfect foil

For disrupting the surface

To see what’s below

But, once you look

and see the decay,

You know it’s not worth the mental toil.


Tough times,

spending that dime,

creating a new,

let’s stop and review.

Just to get a job

with no piggy bank to rob

do more with less

was really my best.

No difference have I made

while others only prayed.

Wasted time

wasted day.

which can’t renew.